Monday, 28 April 2014


So last week I went to Amsterdam for a couple of days. Within 30 minutes of strolling around the city, I had fallen in love with it. It's the perfect kind of city: laid-back and full of places to visit and things to see.

The view from the hotel

 The view from the hotel I stayed in which was on the Amstel canal

 One of the (many) canals!

Blending in with the hotel's furniture

One of the massive iamsterdam signs which were around the city

Dutch tulips

Anne Frank memorial

Relaxing in Vondelpark with raspberries from a little fruit and veg shop

Van Gogh graffiti

A quotation from the booklet from Anne Frank's house

The canal by the hotel

Flowers surrounding one of the houses on the canal opposite the hotel

All the little caf├ęs on Rembrandt Square had cats roaming about/sleeping on chairs!

An old man painting the canal

I'm definitely going to visit again (sometime soon, hopefully!) and would love to live there for a bit (wishful thinking for a university student)